Micro SDXC Card G-volve PRO

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Size 32 GB
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Charlie Boheman
5/5 Better than the official Switch card.

Got the 512 GB card and decided to just flush my Switch into the Sd card completely. works without any issues and loading times are just like I remember. I would prefer this card over the official Nintendo one any day of the week.

Ramiro k.
Came sooner than expected

I entered the giveaway last Friday and the card arrived today, haven't it but looks great.

Works with my phone

I bought it to use on my Android device and it works crazy fast, I’m not sure if this is some kind of cheat code but my phone stopped lagging altogether.

Ricky M.
Works with the steam deck perfectly 👌🏻

I wanted to test it with my steam deck and it worked flawlessly, one of the best ways to double its storage. The big players better be careful!

Johanna romes
Great card!

The card arrived after 2 weeks of ordering but I presume it was because of the giveaway contest, I was told all cards are shipped when all the coupons are used, so no complains there. Works fantastically well! Tested it on tears of the kingdom and it loads just as if it was running from the console. Great purchase.