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I dint receive my headphones

you never fulfilled my purchase of your earbuds


Ce sont des écouteurs intra-auriculaire quoi... Rien de bien révolutionnaire, je n'ai pas détecté d'éventuels changement par rapport à mes anciens écouteurs. Quand je branche mes écouteurs pendant la charge j'entends un son continu assez désagréable, cela prouve bien que ces écouteurs ne sont pas si isolants.

still dont have the product

I still dont have it

Don't Buy This !

Cheap quality , cost 1$ on another web site

Its size is large and excellent


Perfect for isolating noise and listening ASMR

Tracking number doesn’t work

Taking for ever and tracking number doesn’t work. Would totally rather have my money back I can’t imagine these earphones being that good

I still haven’t received them!

I’m being asked to write a review yet I’ve been waiting for weeks and still haven’t received the product


I never recieved them, i really needed them to, would not buy again :/


Je n'ai pas reçu des écouteur de marque vosone mais des écouteurs à 5 euros très bas de gamme. Aucune réponse apres réclamation. Bref, fuyez. Argent jeté par la fenêtre.

Not received

I did not receive it, is it possible to have an update on that? Thanks

Still waiting to get my packages.

You thief

I've never recived my order that's unacceptable I ordered it one mounth ago .

Still waiting

I still don't have received it... so... maybe just try to see where it is, for me he is still in the plane.. or somewhere else.. but I wish i'll receive it..

Havent received it yet.

Hello, i ordered my earplugs on september and here we are one month later and still havent received them it.
The tracking number says it has been sent from China (China, really?!) for 20 days now and apparently they are still there.
Very disappointed by your service.

Never received

I'm french, and after 3 weeks my order is not arrived. When I want to know where is my order, nobody answer to my email. They want a feedback about their product, maybe they should send it before to ask this.



Have not received this item yet??


The noise-isolation is effective and the sound is good. Basses are just a bit too loud compared to the other frequences but it's not a problem with ASMR videos. With music it depends, for me it can alterate the sound sometimes.

I did not received anything

still waiting for my command, very dissapointed

Where is my order ?

Just where is my order ?

Problem about the reception of my order of 1 x ASMR TINGLE

I want to announce you that i didn't receive my order yet, my payment is done, you sent me an email since the 8th october, saying that my order is one its way, but we are the 22th october, and nothing yet, could you tell me how i can receive my order ? i paid for it, and i would like to get it, at least, so, i don't have any choices to send a bad feedback about it, hopefully you can help me with that,

pas recu

sa fait 20 jour que je l'ai commandé et je n'ai toujours pas recu le produit j'attend mais est-ce que c'est normal que je doivent attendre autant de temps ?

14 days later I still do not have my product

14 days after I still do not have my product, is it a scam?